Film Director
1983 年札幌生まれ。
2010年、アイヌ語で「私」という意味を持つフィルムスタジオ KUANI を設立。
過去の主な仕事に Google、UNIQLO、資生堂、SONY、JRA、大塚製薬など。

Born in Sapporo in 1983.
Tetsuya is a film director who plays an active part in various fields
such as art direction of photography mainly in video works such as CM, MV, and short film.
In 2010, he established KUANI, a film studio that means "I" in Ainu language. As the name suggests,
he focuses on very personal matters and works on video production using a documentary-like method.
In recent years, in addition to advertising videos, he has been working on feature film and
documentary projects set in Sapporo, which is also the origin.His main works in the past include Google,
UNIQLO, SHISEIDO, Otsuka Pharmaceutical, JRA, and SONY.